Mikkel Ploug & Mark Turner
Faroe  by Mikkel  Ploug cover

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Track List: listen

Faroe - 5:26
Neukölln - 5:15
The Red Album - 5:51
Highland - 3:00
Warmth - 5:10
Sailing - 3:02
Ambiguity - 3:20
Como - 4:20
Wagner - 4:29
Steps - 0:57
Celeste - 5:05
Safari - 4:30
Sea Minor - 5:01


Mikkel Ploug - acoustic and electric guitar
Mark Tumer - tenor saxophone

The actions of simplifying and scaling down can change the dynamics of even the longest relationships. After having toured with the great saxophonist Mark Turner for a decade, guitarist Mikkel Ploug has decided to record a duo album in order to present a new representation of their musical interaction in an intimate setting. Both musicians truly shine on the new recording, Faroe.


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