Joanna Wallfisch
Gardens In My Mind
Gardens In My Mind  by Joanna  Wallfisch cover

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Moon of Jupiter - 4:36
All I Want - 4:29
Gardens In My Mind - 4:27
Satellite - 7:17
Distant Shore - 3:44
Anonymous Journey - 4:02
Patience - 5:08
Satin Grey - 3:43
This Is How You Make Me Feel - 4:11
Song to the Siren - 4:26
Rational Thought - 3:48
Dreams of a Carousel - 1:03
Brighton Beach - 3:33
Lonely Road - 1:26


Joanna Wallfisch - vocals piano ukulele
Dan Tepfer - piano melodica
Ben Hancox - violin
Hannah Dawson - violin
Robin Ashwell - viola
Pierre Doumenge - cello

In early 2015, singer/songwriter Joanna Wallfisch released a whimsical and wonderfully constructed recording entitled The Origin of Adjustable Things. The recording balances her own beautifully wrought originals with some handpicked covers with the assistance of pianist and musical polymath Dan Tepfer. While completing the recording, Wallfisch was invited to perform at the Salisbury Festival in the United Kingdom. The festival promoters suggested a collaboration with the Festival´┐Żs resident ensemble, The Sacconi String Quartet, a London based quartet featuring violist Robin Ashwell, cellist Cara Berridge, and violinists Ben Hancox and Hannah Dawson, which Wallfisch accepted. The ensuing new recording, Gardens In My Mind, is a collection of recent pieces arranged by both Wallfisch and Tepfer for the Sacconi Quartet along with new material that Wallfisch wrote specifically for the recording.


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