Alan Ferber
Roots & Transitions
Roots & Transitions  by Alan  Ferber cover

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Quiet Confidence - 8:02
Hourglass - 1:03
Clocks - 9:50
Wayfarer - 7:39
Flow - 9:20
Perspective - 8:26
Echo Calling - 3:11
Cycles - 9:54


Scott Wendholt - trumpet
Shane Endsley - trumpet
Jon Gordon - alto saxophone
John Ellis - tenor saxophone
Charles Pillow - bass clarinet
Nate Radley - guitar
Bryn Roberts - piano
Matt Clohesy - bass
Mark Ferber - drums
Alan Ferber - trombone

There is nothing like the birth of a child to make a new parent reexamine, well, everything. Over the first several months of his son�s life, Ferber became intrigued and engrossed by the process of human growth and development, seeming to cycle through periods of relative calm and �rootedness,� versus periods of �transition� involving tension, chaos, and rapid change. Trombonist/composer Alan Ferber noticed how these cycles correlate with his own growth as a composer. His new work, Roots & Transitions, written for his Nonet, is an exploration of these ideas through the process of crafting music.� In Roots & Transitions, Ferber begins with tiny cell musical motives, and through the movements, drives them through cycles of calm/rootedness versus turbulence/transition, allowing the overall composition to run parallel to the growth and development unfurling in his personal life.


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