Steve Kuhn
At This Time...
At This Time...  by Steve  Kuhn cover

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My Shining Hour - 6:33
Ah Moore - 9:19
Pawn Broker - 6:10
All the Rest is the Same - 7:33
The Feeling Within - 5:49
Carousel - 5:51
Lonely Town - 5:47
This is New - 5:45
I Waited for You - 6:02


Steve Kuhn - piano
Steve Swallow - electric bass
Joey Barron - drums

On his new recording, At This Time, pianist Steve Kuhn found himself just in the right time and place to record a trio record that feels timeless and truly inspired. The ensemble, which features legendary bassist Steve Swallow and drummer Joey Baron, was happy to find itself in an extended engagement at Birdland Jazz Club in New York in September 2015 and found time to get into the recording studio before heading to Europe on tour.


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