Joanna Wallfisch & Dan Tepfer
The Origin of Adjustable Things
The Origin of Adjustable Things  by Joanna  Wallfish cover

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This is How You Make Me Feel - 03:31
Satin Grey - 04:26
Satellite - 05:08
Song to a Siren - 04:03
Creep - 03:47
Time Doesn t Play Fair - 05:14
Anonymous Journeys - 03:47
Brighton Beach - 02:20
The Origin of Adjustable Things - 01:56
Wild Is the Wind - 05:07
Rational Thought - 03:21
Never Let Me Go - 05:10


Joanna Wallfisch - voice
Dan Tepfer - piano

Hailed by the great Fred Hersch as �a real discovery - a first-rate musician in every way,� British vocalist Joanna Wallfisch has built an impressive profile since her move to New York from London in 2012. She takes a bold step forward in her creative journey with The Origin of Adjustable Things, a stark and expressive duo album with rising piano master Dan Tepfer. In the mysterious poetry of her lyrics, the freshness of her harmonic choices and the expansiveness of her sonic palette, Wallfisch sets a high bar as she and Tepfer explore a musical universe of their own making.


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