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1. Limelight
2. Blues for Joe
3. Mila
4. Maiden Voyage
5. January 15th
6. Nanda
7. Go India Go
8. Prelude to a Prelude
9. Prelude
10. Milonga del Angel


Dario Boente - piano, keyboards, vocoder, Rhodes, programming
Andres Rotmistrovky - bass
Antonio Sanchez - drums
Dr. S Karthick - ghatam
Christos Rafalides - vibraphone
Fernando Otero - piano
JP Jofre - bandoneon
Pablo Aslan - bass

"Limelight" is the latest project by jazz pianist, keyboardist and composer Dario Boente. On this wonderfully varied album, Mr. Boente continues to explore and show his versatility as a composer and interpreter by pushing the envelope of conventional jazz. he continues to elegantly explore and translate his Argentine, groove oriented, world and electronic music influences. With jazz as his mother tongue, Boente is able to channel his various music styles while never losing the coherence and integrity of the sound. "Limelight" reveals the Mr. Beonte's versatility as well as his lyricism and impeccable technique.

The album features mostly original compositions that unveil the wonderful and elaborate writing skills of Mr. Boente as well as great interpretations of works by Astor Piazzolla, Herbie Hancock and fellow Argentine composer and Latin Grammy winner Fernando Otero.

For his latest project, Mr. Boente is accompanied by jazz greats, including 4 time Grammy winner Antonio Sanchez on drums, pianist Fernando Otero, bassists Gary Foote and Pablo Aslan, J.P. Jofre on bandoneon, Andres Rotmistrovsky on bass, Christos Rafalides on vibraphone and S. Karthick on ghatam.


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