Carlos Franzetti
In the Key of Tango
In the Key of Tango  by Carlos  Franzetti cover

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Soledad - 02:48
Danzarin - 03:25
A Don Agustin Bardi - 03:30
Tango Fatal - 03:31
Boedo - 02:41
Responso - 04:25
Maria - 02:48
Vida Mia - 02:29
Nada - 03:17
Adios Nonino - 07:59
Los Mareados - 04:03
Revirado - 03:04
Naranjo en Flor - 03:26
El Choclo - 02:40
Nunca Tuva Novio - 03:57
A Fuego Lento - 03:21
Retrato em Branco e Preto - 03:06


Carlos Franzetti - piano

The Latin Grammy award winning pianist/composer/arranger Carlos Franzetti has taken the challenge of reinterpreting the works of a number of tango greats on his new solo piano release, In the Key of Tango. Using the familiar work of these Argentinean masters, Franzetti is able to utilize his well-honed orchestrating skills to develop new ideas from their groundwork through improvisation.

Carlos Franzetti\'s \"In The Key of Tango\" reviewed in JazzTimes!

Jeff Tamarkin, JazzTimes - June 2014     Read the full article


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