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I Miss You - 4:09
The Story - 5:31
Obsessed - 4:53
Where Do You Think You Will Be - 6:06
Unison - 4:46
Unavailability - 2:42
Your Kindness - 5:26
One Day - 5:32
Solitude - 2:20
New Orleans - 4:07
January 2011 - 6:01
I Waiting For My Laundry in the Sun and I Have Lost You - 6:23
You and I - 5:36
You Will remember - 5:05
Half Full - 6:10


Maria Neckam - vocals
Aaron Parks - piano, Fender Rhodes
Nir Felder - guitar
Thomas Morgan - acoustic bass
Colin Stranahan - drums
Will Vinson - alto saxophone
Lars Dietrich - alto saxophone
Samir Zarif - tenor saxophone
Kenny Warren - trumpet
Mariel Roberts - cello
Glenn Zaleski - piano

In hindsight the early 21st century is going to look like a golden age for jazz vocals, an era defined by the emergence of an international array of artists possessing strikingly original sounds. No one better embodies jazz�s glorious profusion of vocal talent than Austrian-born Maria Neckam, a singer possessing an exquisitely calibrated soprano and a poetic sensibility informed by avant pop, contemporary classical music and post-bop improvisation. Her new album Unison, slated for release June 6th on Sunnyside, captures her in all her kaleidoscopic splendor, delivering a program of exceptionally divergent original songs that sound unlike any other singer on the scene


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