John Hollenbeck
Eternal Interlude
Eternal Interlude by John Hollenbeck cover

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Foreign One - 9:15
Eternal Interlude - 19:22
Guarana - 8:36
The Cloud - 13:10
Perseverance - 17:47
No Boat - 2:02


John Hollenbeck - drums
Ben Kono - flute, alto saxophone
Jeremy Viner - clarinet, tenor saxophone
Tony Malaby - tenor saxophone
Dan Willis - tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute, english horn
Bohdan Hilash - clarinet, contralto
Ellery Eskelin - tenor saxophone
Rob Hudson - trombone
Mike Christianson - trombone
Jacob Garchik - trombone
Alan Ferber - trombone
Tony Kadleck - trumpet / Fluegelhorn
Jon Owens - trumpet / Fluegelhorn
Dave Ballou - trumpet / Fluegelhorn
Laurie Frink - trumpet / Fluegelhorn
Kermit Driscoll - Acoustic / Electric Bass
Gary Versace - piano, organ, keyboard
Matt Moran - mallet percussion
John Ferrari - mallet percussion
Theo Bleckmann - vocals
Jc Sanford - conductor

This really isn’t a jazz recording, nor a classical one, either. The instrumentation reminds one of the jazz big bands of old, which have long since disappeared, but this group lives in a world without classification. In effort to be fair to the eclecticism of the composer and group, Sunnyside avoids the labeling game and is proud to present the new recording from the John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble, Eternal Interlude. Hollenbeck continues to prove his extraordinary skill as composer and improviser in a number of groups, most notably the Claudia Quintet and his Large Ensemble. The composer/percussionist is comfortable using musical elements from a vast array of genres, including modern classical, jazz, and progressive rock. The effect is a completely unique sonic palette that can shimmer and float, or drive and rock. Hollenbeck’s unique compositional style makes him a highly sought composer for commissioned pieces, which all the featured pieces are. The Ensemble featuresmany luminarymembers of experimental music, including vocalist Theo Bleckmann to beautiful effect. Eternal Interlude showcases an amazing composer and group making music that is beyond classification.


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