Juliette Greco
Le Temps d'une Chanson
Le Temps d'une Chanson by Juliette Greco cover

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Utile - 3:35
Né Quelque Part - 5:14
Mathilde - 2:46
Syracuse - 3:21
La Folle Complainte - 3:27
Avec Le Temps - 7:12
Un Jour Tu Verras - 4:07
Les Amantsd d'un Jour - 3:14
Volare - 4:26
Les Mains d'Or - 4:42
Over The Rainbow - 4:01
La Chanson de Prévert - 2:57


Julette Greco - vocals
Eriko Sato - violin
Mayuki Fukuhara - violin
Robert Shaw - violin
Karl Kawahara - violin
Anca Nicolau - violin
Elizabeth Miller - violin
Ellen Payne - violin
Susan Shumway - violin
Andrea Schultz - violin
Gregor Kitzis - violin
Maureen Gallagher - viola
Richard Brice - viola
Ronald Carbone - viola
Liuh-Wen Ting - viola
Jill Jaffe - viola
Richard Locker - cello
Eugene Moye - cello
Myron Lutzke - cello
Ted Mook - cello
Grace Paradise - harp
Sarah Cutler - harp
Elizabeth Mann - flute
Kathleen Nester - flute
David Wechsler - flute
Tanya Witek - flute
Sheryl Henze - flute
Keith Underwood - flute
Meryl Abt - bass clarinet
Martin Kuuskmann - bassoon
R.J. Kelley - french horn
Bradley Gemeinhardt - french horn
Patrick Pridemore - french horn
Carl Albach - trumpet
Brad Siroky - trumpet
Dick Clark - trombone
Jeff Caswell - trombone
Kyle Turner - tuba
Rufus Reid - acoustic bass
Scott Colley - acoustic bass
Daniel Sadownick - percussion
Gil Goldstein - orchestral arrangements, conductor, accordion
Gérard Jouannest, - piano
Michael Brecker - tenor saxophone
Joe Lovano - tenor saxophone
Wallace Roney - trumpet

Some time ago, Jean-Philippe Allard took my hand in his and led me on a magical walk through the so very special musical landscape of New York City. He wanted to. This was one of the most beautiful gifts I ever received in my life. To discover the face, eyes, hands, bodies of the music, to see it two-legged and human! What a privilege.
It made me feel almost 60 years younger! Yes, yes!
It reminded me of the time after the liberation (from nazi occupation,) when Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, the Modern Jazz Quartet, Madame Ella Fitzgerald… the list would be too long and amazing, all turned up without warning at the Tabou. The feeling was the same. Warm and protected by Jean-Philippe Allard.
I share his and Gérard Jouannest’s work and am dazzled by this Black and White light.
Right now, with the Polydor team in Paris, along with those who love and protect me, I am going through an uncommon adventure, both humanly and artistically, a strong, very strong adventure.
Thank you Jean-Philippe Allard, you make my eyes sparkle.


Greco is one of the last bright lights of the flowering French culture that took place in Paris in teh years folloing WWII...It was Sartre who originally encouraged Greco to sing.

David French, JazzTimes - June 2007
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