Yoshiaki Masuo
Are You Happy Now
Are You Happy Now by Yoshiaki Masuo cover

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Small Steps - 5:44
Snap Jam - 5:09
Josephine - 6:47
For The Old Boys - 6:38
Miles Run - 7:20
Skating In Central Park - 5:12
Walkin Around - 7:13
E.J - 9:15
Are You Happy Now - 5:47


Yoshiaki Masuo - guitar
Larry Goldings - organ
Lenny White - drums
Rudy Bird - percussions
Will Boulware - keyboard
Barry Danielian - trtumpet
Scott Kreitzer - tenor sax
Sonichi Noriki - keyboard
Steve Sacks - alto flute

Few people know what Yoshiko Masuo has been doing since he played guitar with Sonny Rollins in the 70's and early 80's. He's been busy in the music business, producing and engineering at his studio in Manhattan's Soho.

Now Masuo the musician is back with a harmonic bang, full of finesse. He's playing better than ever with Larry Goldings on organ and Lenny White on drums, in a distinctly non-fusion performance. On this CD you'll (re)discover how great these musicians can be.


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