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Anzic Records is a New York City based recording label specializing in good music. We began releasing recordings in 2005. We strive to provide our artists with everything they need to achieve commercial success for their artistic efforts. We believe musicians are entitled to a much larger share of the financial rewards than has traditionally been available to them from the music recording industry. We believe musicians must, and can, make significant contributions, apart from making music, to the benefit of their careers and, to this end, we expect the musicians we work with to want to acquire the fullest possible understanding of all aspects of our joint enterprise. For those curious about the origin of the name “Anzic”…it is a contraction of “ANat [Cohen] and muZIC [i.e."music" spelled subject to artistic license]…devised by Ms. Cohen…whose debut album “Place & Time” was the first Anzic Records release. We think it fitting to retain the name “Anzic” to honor her for catalyzing the creation of our company. In the hierarchy of interactions, we are willing and able to do transactions, open to conversations, and always looking for relationships.


 After the Big Rain by Avishai Cohen cover    Seven by Avishai Cohen cover  Flood by Avishai Cohen cover    Introducing Triveni by Avishai Cohen cover   Noir by Anat Cohen  We Used to Dance by Joel Frahm cover  Yo Bobby by Waverly Seven cover  Vientos by Manuel Valera cover  Braid by 3 Cohens cover  New Blues by Third World Love cover  Samba Jazz Fantasia by Duduka Da Fonseca cover  Live at Louis 649 by Eli Degibri cover  Notes From the Village by Anat Cohen cover  Project A by Joel Frahm & Bruce Katz cover  LoveFool by Amy Cervini cover  Little Black Bird by Ernesto Cervini cover  Clarinetwork  Live at the Village Vanguard by Anat Cohen cover  Israeli Song by Eli Degibri cover  Digging Me, Digging You by Amy Cervini cover  Songs and Portraits by Third World Love cover  Silent Movie by Melyssa Stylianou cover  Suite of the East by Omer Avital cover  Bamako By Bus by Daniel Freedman cover  Triveni II by Avishai Cohen cover  Samba Jazz - Jazz Samba by Duduka Da Fonseca cover DUCHESS  by   DUCHESS cover  Song Without Words by Yuval Cohen cover  There by Ernesto Cervini cover Poetica by Anat Cohen cover  Place and Time by Anat Cohen cover  Claroscuro by Anat Cohen cover Fruit of the Land, Vol. 1  by   Various Artists cover Tightrope  by 3  Cohens cover Jazz Country  by Amy  Cervini cover Dark Nights  by Avishai (trumpet)  Cohen cover No Regrets  by Melyssa  Stylianou cover Turboprop  by Ernesto  Cervini cover The Great City  by Hilary  Gardner cover Luminosa  by Anat  Cohen cover Threading  by Oded  Lev-Ari cover Imagine That  by Daniel  Freedman cover Outra Coisa  by Anat  Cohen cover Laughing At Life  by   DUCHESS cover Rosa Dos Ventos  by Anat  Cohen cover Family by 3 Cohens cover